Elizabethan Terms

Here is quick guide to some common Elizabethan terms you will find while reading Shakespeare.

Elizabethan Contemporary
Adieu Goodbye
Affright Frightened
An If
Annon Soon as in “I will see you soon!”
Aroint Away
Bedchamber Bedroom
Sirrah Boy (usually used to address an inferior)
Counsel Advice
Discourse Speak
Dispatch Kill
Doth Does
E’en Evening
Fare thee well Goodbye/Good Luck
Foe Enemy
Good Morrow Hello/Good Morning
Hark Listen
Heavy Sad/Depressed
Hither Here
Mark Pay attention
Merry Depending on how it is said it could mean happy or expletive “Indeed!”
Methings I think
Nay No
Ne’r Never
Oft Often
Perchance Maybe
Plague Curse
Pox Depending on context, it could be talking about Small Pox, or is said as a curse.
Privy Knowledgeable
Resolve Plan
Soft Wait a minute
Thee You as the subject
Thou You as an object
Thou art You are
Thy Your
Tidings News
Well Met Hello
Wherefore Why
Whereto To Which
Withal With
Woe Misery
Would Wish