The first thing I always hear when talking about my love of Shakespeare is. “Oh, I’ve always wanted to know more about his work, but don’t know where to start”, or “Oh, Shakespeare, isn’t that hard?” I’ve hear this from parents, educators, librarians, and everyday people. I am amazed that so many people, from all walks of life want to enjoy Shakespeare’s work but don’t know where to start.

This site is dedicated to them and to you! This is your first step to all things Shakespeare, whether you are looking to introduce your child to him or if you are a more than casual reader or play lover but don’t know how far deep to go.

A little about the term “Groundling”

In Shakespeare’s day the cheap seats were near the stage. Common people crowded into a open air theater or courtyard and stood to watch his plays. The slang term for these folks is “groundling”. Unlike today’s theater experience, the cheap seats offered the best view. Though not all who attended his plays understood Shakespeare’s deeper subtle meanings, they still enjoyed the show. This is what I am going for; a guide for those who want to enjoy but don’t want to spend years studying every word.

I hold a Master’s degree in English Lit. I specialized in Shakespeare under the mentorship of Professor Joseph Rosenblum. I am a guest lecturer and all around annoyance to my friends and family. I talk and write about Shakespeare a lot.